Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny side of the street

Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

Thank you Louis Armstrong for those wise words. Is it me or is there some Fall in the air? It is this time of year where I think by the simple act of crossing the street the temperature varies up to 10 degrees. Feeling a little warm...cross the street? On the other hand, feeling a little cold...go to the sunny side of the street.

September means many things. It means it is probably time to go ahead and store the beach goods for the season. (Although I am willing to admit we spent Saturday on the beach.) It means pumpkins are appearing in the store windows and at the local bodegas. And ultimately September for any person in Manhattan means gridlock. The United Nations General Assembly causes major road shutdowns. Check out this list! And anytime the US President or some of the other fellas are out and about it is complete shutdown, including pedestrian traffic.

Being NYC and all it is taken in stride. We stand on the corner being held back by the NYPD, we look at each other and bellyache and complain. We wait it out and complain some more. Eventually the motorcades pass and everyone moves on. The price of inconvenience is paid upfront in this town....but I'll take it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happiness is...bahn mi.

September is treating us so kind in the weather category. Lunch today was at Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli on Broome Street. Most parties enjoyed the bahn mi dac biet...aka the "house special." I selected the bahn mi chay and was not disappointed! We grabbed our sandwiches (that were priced oh so right) and headed out to the park. Sara D. Roosevelt park on the Lower Eastside was a beautiful place to spend the lunchtime. Perfect weather, perfect friends and perfect conversation. And for the record, the bahn mi was perfect!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nine years later and New York is still the greatest city in the world.

Too much going on this year that is taking the focus away from the families, the survivors, the people. Just remember the shock, the sickness, the sadness you felt during that awful September.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3, 471 miles

The middle to end of August the other side of the Pond was calling our name. Nine days in London was the perfect way to cap off a beautiful summer. We took in all the sights, enjoyed the city and found a place that we truly enjoyed. As "liveable" as I find London I am willing to admit I am not sure I could handle the lack of sunshine on a daily basis. London has only been a fly-through city for me so it was great fun exploring and learning more about it. A super enjoyable day was spent visiting an amazing friend in Colchester. The day ended by taking in the lovely coastal town on Frinton on Sea. Aren't these beach huts picture perfect? I can only imagine how fun they must be when it is high tide.

Our favorite UK park...St. James's Park. Green, beautiful and full of interesting birds. That is Buck Palace just above it.

Some time spent in Constable Country on the border of Suffolk and Essex was inspiring. Easy to see how the breathtaking countryside inspired hometown artist John Constable to pick up the paintbrush!

Good, good times.