Saturday, January 28, 2012


The month of January has been incredibly mild with the weather. To take advantage of the kind of, sort of, well for January anyway, warm sunshine we have enjoyed many weekend outings. We kicked the year off by getting a membership to the Wildlife Conservation Society. NYC is lucky enough to have five different wildlife parks. A few weeks ago on a 60 plus degrees Sunday we journey to Coney Island, home of the New York Aquarium. The walrus and the sharks were among our favorites.

Winter:Coney Island

Jaws meets Brooklyn

Today, the last Saturday of January, was a spectacular mid 40s with warm sunshine kind of day. One place was on our mind when we woke up and that was the always popular Central Park Zoo. While small in nature, the zoo is always filled with fun. The polar bears were sunbathing, the red pandas were enjoying some tree climbing and the snow monkeys were picking at each as only monkeys do. Winter days are the perfect time to visit the zoo.

April the sea lion:21 years old and still looking divine.

While our visits to Central Park have been plentiful there is still always something amazing about that oasis smack in the middle of Manhattan.

Is it really almost February?

Friday, January 6, 2012

looking back...

just had a random thought about a truly great New York moment.

This winter has been mild so far. But if I have to do a blizzard, I want to do it this way!