Friday, November 25, 2011

Many Thanks

The holiday season has begun officially for us. Wednesday we took in the beauty of Radio City with the Christmas Spectacular. The venue was as gorgeous as ever. The Rockettes were a sight to behold with their sparkly costumes, precision dancing and even a couple of new numbers. There is just something incredible about getting to enjoy a show in Radio City. The rich history and exquisite Art Deco detail always remind me that I am in a very special place.

Thanksgiving morning we headed to Midtown to enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Once again we took it in with a bird's eye view from the 17th floor. It is pretty awesome not having to deal with the crowds and 3.5 million of our closest friends.

Our favorite new balloon...Paul Frank's Julius. He looked shiny, new and happy to be taking in NYC with his jetpacks on back!

Our favorite float....Santa, always Santa Claus. Santa was looking healthy and ready for a great season treating good boys and girls. I know he has a very full plate this time of year but we sure are glad he takes time to enjoy a bit of NYC.

A very fantastic Thanksgiving feast was held at Ulysses on Stone Street. The food is tasty and dining with some of our favorite friends is priceless. Seven years we have had Thanksgiving in this exact setting and we cannot wait for seven more.

Always thankful.