Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sugar fun=LES

Everybody ought to have a lower East Side in their life. Irving Berlin

A spontaneous outing with our neighbors took us to the Lower East Side. A quick journey on the M9 deposited us in the thick of things. Just after a few blocks we spotted a Mexican restaurant "El Sombrero"...that apparently lived its former life as The Hat Diner. While the meals weren't exactly what we had been hoping for it was pleasurably. A short walk down the street led us to Creperie at 135 Lulow. While the place is merely a step up from just a counter the offerings were delicious. After downing two crepes between the four of us we headed on.

Just around the corner is the mecca known as Economy Candy. The Browns had never been here before and it had been a while for us. This store is a sugarfest exploded. While not fancy like some uptown candy stores, Economy will bring back memories of your childhood. After loading up on cherry sours, Bit o' Honey and a candy necklace for the youngest we left before we went into a sugar coma just looking at the items.

What is the best place to go after going having crepes and buying candy? A bakery of course! Having enjoyed the treats from Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the past we decided to stop in to pick up some items for later. While these are not my favorite cupcakes in the city overall any cupcake is a good cupcake in my book. Rumor has it their banana pudding is quite tasty.

To override all the sugar we had visited the Browns stopped in the famous Katz deli to pick up some pastrami for the meal the next day. If pastrami is what you are looking for this is the best game in town. Katz has been serving up this yummy meat since 1888. We opted to hang out front and enjoy the street theater taking place while the Browns got their goods inside. The corner of Houston and Ludlow is a quite intriguing corner to stand and watch the world go by.