Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Village journey

Today we set out with one thing on our minds...lunch. Intitally we had anticipated enjoying some Peruvian chicken at Pardo's. Imagine our surprise when we walked up to find a "closed" sign on the door? Pardo's closes for one week a year to do some heavy maintenance and it happened to be this week. Fortunately the Village provides more than just a couple of options for dining excursions. We wandered across Bleecker with a left turn onto Cornelia. We considered Po and Cornelia St Cafe but decided to keep walking. The weather was simply amazing and it was perfect for taking our time and selection the perfect lunch spot. We crossed Sixth Ave and finally ended up at Cafe Espanol on Bleecker between MacDougal and Sullivan. The sign offering three courses plus sangria for $11.95 caught our eye. We enjoyed a lovely lunch of arroz con pollo and took in the enjoyments of sidewalk dining. Life doesn't get much better than a great table on a great street in the heart of the Village with great eats. The parade of people offers the greatest in entertainment.

I had to completely twist Lori's arm to follow me to a fantastic hole in the wall cupcake joint. Tonnie's is not one of the big recognized cupcake places that NYC has gained recognition on. The critics don't know what they are missing. Tonnie's offerings are out of this world! We each grabbed four cupcakes to go to give the girls a nice Friday after school treat. My personal indulgence of red velvet was crazy good. Lori's were so good she could not quit texting and leaving me messages of the delicious qualities. The best part of Tonnie's is the atmosphere.

Where else but in this little city we call home can one get a cupcake, a cheesesteak sammie, reflexology and a palm reading all within the same place? That is what I call living.