Thursday, November 25, 2010


We try to be thankful everyday and not just on Thanksgiving. Our day was beyond amazing. This morning started with the 84th marching of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was our first time to view the parade from above. One word...incredible.

Our favorite balloon of the day...Po from Kung Fu Panda. There was not a cuter panda to be found on this thankful Manhattan morning.

*that is not a tv screen, that is the window!

Our favorite float? Santa, always Santa. Even though we were 17 stories above him we could hear him ho, ho, ho-ing! He seems fit and in great shape and ready for his heavy work season.

Lunch was held at Ulysses as tradition continues. We took over most the restaurant with our circle of friends ranging from Colombia, Germany, the UK and this year....extra Texans in attendance. Even one cousin who has migrated to NYC and I think she just might stay as this little town has grabbed her heart. The flock of kiddos gobbled up their meals and took to the street for the annual game of tag.

Do we really have to wait an entire year for another day as great as today? I hope not! Thankfully.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And so it begins...

the holiday season has officially started. The windows of some of the world's most famous department stores are glittery, the air is brisk and a very large tree will soon have her lights turned on. I can never pick a favorite season in NYC. But I have to admit is pretty darn cool being a resident of this little island during the holidays. Being able to take in every moment without time constraint is awesome, just awesome. I am not a Christmas junkie but I do like a taste of it every now and again.

Today we made our annual trip to the beautiful Radio City Music Hall. She took my breath away as always. The Rockettes were kicking, Santa was singing and live animals were on stage. The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers was once again performed as it does every year since 1933. When that golden curtain rises up one knows something pretty special is about to take place. The show did not disappoint. This is our sixth year in a row and I am looking forward to making it a forever tradition.

Tomorrow we will go on our Midtown jaunt for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Started in 1924, the parade is at least a once do. Everyone seriously needs to witness it first hand...even just once. Of course being the parade lovers we are we go annually. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without it. This year will be a first for us. Instead of joining millions of our neighbors lining the streets we will be watching from above. Due to a shift in office locations we are going to be blessed with a view of the parade. I have to admit a few things. I am looking forward to being in a climate controlled atmosphere and not having to kindly elbow my neighbor a bit to get a better view. It won't be the same view but I am willing to switch it up a bit. I think I might just love it. Only tomorrow will tell.

Following the parade our annual feast at Ulysses will commence. Delicious eats, a beautiful array of friends and the annual game of tag for the kids are our favorite way to spend the day. We have endless amounts of people, things and opportunities to be thankful for. Always.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Happy

Birthday to my dear friend Hillary. She is the best. I missed her birthday by one day. Really? What on earth is wrong with me? Few things are as important as celebrating friendship.

In honor of the one and only Hillary click on her name for a p.a.r.t.y!