Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

In a mere three hours the millions of spectators in Times Square will enjoy quite the spectacle. We downtown dwellers will enjoy the view on television while checking out sparkly fireworks outside our window. At least one New Year's Eve at the crossroads of the universe is most highly recommended. There is nothing quite like it. Even the television broadcast does not do justice for the energy that is there.

The year of 2010 was quite good to us. We have health, happiness and so many fortunes. Along the way we try to learn a little more about ourselves and those around us. Travels were plentiful this year and laughter was almost always around. We continue to be blessed with a wonderful life in the most beautiful of places. Our friends are our core here on this little island (and those far away.) Some have suffered tragic loss this year so we rallied around them. Others have had great joy so we celebrated with them. We know they are there for us so we shall be there for them. I constantly mention it but the warmth and knowledge I derive from friends is so very high on my list.

Throughout the year we had many loves. Visitors, shows, learning new things, great travels near and far, amazing new playgrounds, wonderful explorations, plentiful time with friends and family, blissful days on the beach, snowball fights in great blizzards, breathtaking sunsets, many colorful fireworks shows, watching our child grow in spirit and knowledge, daily seeing WTC One grow to half of her scheduled height, many jaunts across the most incredible Brooklyn Bridge, having a cousin who is living in this town and loves it as much as us, reconnecting with people and finding friendship deeper than ever,...and the list could go on and on. No complaints here. We are grateful for our many gifts.

May 2011 bring you much magic.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


The month of December has flown by at record speeds. The holiday spirit is all around. The menorahs glowed at the beginning of the month and now the Christmas trees are bright with color. We have taken in much the city has to offer. The windows at Macy's tell the story of Virginia and the Miracle on 34th Street. The extra large tree at Rockefeller Center looks spectacular and sparkly as she should. The crowds have been thick but who wouldn't to spend the holidays in New York? Santa has been spotted out and about. Rumor has it the reindeer especially love landing on top of these really tall buildings we call home. The sound of lovely carols have been heard throughout. Two different musical events at the amazing Trinity Church have added to the fun. No complaints here. There is magic in the air and I like that. Christmas Eve will be spent venturing over to check out the tree in front of the NYSE. It is one of our local favorites. That evening treats will be left on the windowsill for old St. Nick and the doorman while have instructions to let any man in red who is ho ho ho-ing right on in the building. With no chimney we know a man as practical as Santa will come jaunt through the front door. Christmas morning will hopefully bring many delights underneath that tree. Later in the morning we will begin our journey to Texas to celebrate with family and long time friends. And by the time 2011 rings in we are scheduled to be cozy back in NYC. We believe and hope you do too!