Friday, April 25, 2008


With Passover break now almost complete we hope to get back on track with some fun adventures around the 212 and slightly beyond.

March and April proved to be busy. Lori went off on a jetsetting tour. She claims it was to visit "friends" but I honestly think she might be moonlighting as a rock star. Her travels took her to the Mayan Riviera, Chicago and Miami.

April provided me with the chance to explore the amazing island of Vieques. Enough great things about this place cannot be written. If you find yourself in Vieques definitely stay at the EvaMer. Marc loves the island with his soul and happily shares any information one might need and is a gracious host. The grounds are amazing and the view is priceless. Vieques is friendly, gorgeous and just a great place. The Bio Bay is quite possibly the coolest experience ever. Jumping into that black black water was life changing. Feeling like a fairy swimming through the glitter is breathtaking. Captain Mark and Ricky pretty much rule. Put it on your list of things to do in life. You won't regret it and you will never forget it.

Thank you Marc and the EvaMer for being our home base. Thank you Vieques for being one of the most beautiful places on earth. More importantly thank to the people of Vieques who guard this perfect place.

With May around the corner our urban adventures look to be on track.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Life has been crazy with schedules and travels. For lack of explorations I offer you some goodness recently seen in NYC.

#1 Aloe. This lovely little gem of a restaurant in the East Village can be found at 406 E. 9th St. A quaint intimate setting with "a little bit of everything" on their menu that changes seasonally. Tasty, amazing service and perfect setting. Put it on your list.

#2 Battery Park City Conservancy. Bless the park staff who work year round to give us truly some of the most beautiful space and visions in the world. Spring has been long in coming but now we are surrounded with beautiful color. The grass is open and filled with neighbors and visitors soaking it all in.

#3 M9 anonymous bus driver. When you drop me directly in front of my building instead of the other side of West St you make my day/evening.

#4 Havana Alma de Cuba at 94 Christopher St. Another recent find of delicious eats, great atmosphere, outstanding live music and just an overall fantastic experience. If Cuban is what you are looking for this is the place.

#5 Neighbors. The beautiful weather is bringing out the best in people. In this town we live on top of each other...literally. We share hallways, laundry rooms, mail rooms, elevators and basic personal space daily. Spring has finally arrived after a long winter and everyone seems in lovely spirits.

On a completely different note. If you find yourself in Mountain Home, Arkansas (yes Arkansas) check out Angler's Coffee Cafe and tell them the NYC crowd sent you. My fabulous and longtime friend Missy has started a new adventure. Best of luck Missy!