Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tempesta di neve

Ahh, the first blizzard of 2010 greeted NYC today. The forecast was right and the snow had continued to pile up all day. No complaints here. City living is very lovely in the snow. We can be lazy and play inside while someone else shovels and plows. Living vertically does have its benefits. Yes, we know the next several days will be filled with the not so pretty yellow and gray snow. Hopefully it will disappear quickly.

To continue our tradition of going out in blizzards we headed to the Beacon Theater on the Upper West Side. Cirque du Soleil was offering an open rehearsal of their latest show Banana Shpeel. We got there in time but the crowd was lined up around two blocks. It was great to see people come out in the worst of weather to catch a glimpse of artists truly honing their craft before show opening. We spent the afternoon in awe taking in the talent in the rawest form. We feel fortunate to catch a behind the scenes view of what it takes to make a spectacular end product.

All and all our first heavy snow of the new year has been nice. Bloomberg and Klein surprised us all by canceling school...that never ever happens. So far tomorrow looks to be back on schedule. We hope the weather does clear. We plan to head to our very own nation's capitol of Washington, DC. They are filled to the brim with snow, so we shall see.

Stay warm.