Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahhh, Summer

Summer is flying by. It has been one of many travels but making time for fun in our favorite hometown on New York. Some of our annual events have happened...Swedish Fest, family dances at North Cove, excursions to our favorite beach in Jersey and our beloved drumming circles at Wagner. We have appreciated new and innovative playgrounds. The very favorite being Imagination Playground. Collaboration is the key and a fantastic one at that. Love it.

We have traveled to Texas and ate bbq and Tex-Mex to our delight. We traveled to the heartland of America in Nebraska and visited with friends that are family. Tomorrow's travels will take us across the pond to London. We are thrilled to explore what is the hometown of many of our NYC friends. We have a list of tips and insight to fill our days.

Is it possible the sun is already setting earlier to signal that Fall is not far off? The school bell will soon be ringing but not before we enjoy the last weeks of a blissful summer. Fall looks to be promising and the visitors list is growing.

Have you ever seen the sun set over the Hudson River? It is a moment that evening after evening takes my breath away.