Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Street Pageant.

"There's the Born Again Losers and the Lavender Boozers
and some crack team from Washington Heights
The boys from Avenue B and the girls from Avenue D
a Tinkerbell in tights..."
Halloween Parade by Lou Reed

Imagine 50,000 costume crazy New Yorkers all in one place at one time. Mix up Mardi Gras with some uninhibited city folk and you have the annual Village Halloween Parade. For the last evening in October it really doesn't get any better. Two million spectators line Sixth Avenue from Spring St to 21st Street to watch. The lines are blurred as most of the spectators are costumed up.

This year provided the 35th time this colorful procession has taken place. It did not disappoint. Costumes utilized every bit of the imagination. Floats provided shirtless dancers, dancing pirates and disco queens galore. Want the Muppets? Check. Ferris Bueller? Check. A man in drag as Sarah Palin? Check And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Loud and proud this characters march in all their glory. The spirit is great and the streets are packed. And who can forget the puppets? The giant sized puppets are breathtaking and a signature of this night.

Each and every parade has its on flavor. The flavor of this one is definitely carnival. It embodies every spirit past and present that have called this little place home.

The Village Halloween Parade is listed in the book "100 Things to Do Before You Die." Might want to put it on your list!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Queen of Pop

Madonna, Madison Square Garden, twice. How lucky am I?

Incredible. Favorite part...hard decision but I will go with the rocked out Borderline.

One night with my favorite husband and another night with two favorite friends. Saturday night Pharrell joined her for Give It To Me.

Really, life is good.