Saturday, May 9, 2009


A botched forecast actually led us to spectacular weather. We are still looking forward to a string of Spring days.

Some images from a Friday evening filled with wanderings, new sights, and constant reminders of why this is our home.

Lillie's-a wonderful new pub on 17th Street.

Stuyvesant Square, serving NYC since 1850.

Bar Carrera, 175 2nd Avenue. Beautiful, dark, perfect. Try it.

Arch at Washington Square Park. This park offers a bit of everything imaginable.

Here's to Spring...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Street Fest

Each year NYC provides the backdrop for an assortment of street festivals. While each festival is for a different occasion or organization and often seem all but the same there is one stand out. The Family Festival Street Fair hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival is the creme de la creme. Greenwich Street in Tribeca is the setting and the day always offers a few surprises. Close to 200, 000 people jam the street to take in the offerings. This year did not disappoint. Shrek, the Broadway musical got the freak flags flying. An appearance by the newly updated "Electric Company" reminded us times have changed since we last watched the shows. The vendors are great and offer amazing activities for the kids. Mr Met even put in an appearance although it was hard to get some hardcore Yankee fan kids to even acknowledge him. Best of all was the chance to go to the screening of Winter's Tail. Held in a private screening room tucked above Bobby D's Tribeca Grill the short version held the children entranced.

Scenes from the Family Festival Street Fair...

The most important event was a bone marrow donor drive. Neighbors flocked to this event. No one was too important for this drive...super models, award winning actors and even the FDNY. This event was held in honor of one of Lower Manhattan's favorite kids. Check out Maybe it is time you register?