Friday, February 4, 2011

cinquenta y seis

What a winter! So far the little place of New York has measured in at 56 inches of snow this season. It seems about every five days we have been hit with a snowstorm and even some ice. The city is amazing when coated with fresh powder. There has even been an official snowday for the NYC public school children. It was a day filled with lots of sledding and lots of fun. It is a joy to watch the teamwork and collaboration that the kids do when developing the best "run" on the hills.

Of course there is a downside to snow in the city. We have tons of people, dogs, buses, cars, did I mention dogs, and just tons of things happening in general. In many spots that initial lovely white layer quickly changes from white, to gray to black. Oh and let's not forget the yellow. With the tremendous volume of snow this year the huge piles aren't melting anytime soon. Lucky for us there are still some relatively white spots in the neighborhood. That being said, I would highly recommend not eating the snow. Ekk. There is a lovely sort of peace when gazing out the window at a snow covered park. I will admit it blows my mind that I haven't seen a single blade of grass since our last day of visiting Texas on Dec. 31. More than a month and not a single vision of green.

Even with the gray, the black and the yellow I do enjoy being a city dweller when the weather turns snowy. I am tremendously thankful that I don't have to shovel, plow, blow or drive in the snow. I would be terrible at all of them. Bless all those that keep our streets and sidewalks clear. I do not want their jobs!

So 56 inches and counting...where will this winter top out? There is a few more inches of snow on the horizon for tomorrow.