Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year! The countdown is a little less than two hours away. We have done what is becoming tradition of "pre-celebration." A dozen NYC families gathered at a little eatery this evening to celebrate how great 2009 was and how wonderful 2010 looks to be. While the year has offered many changes for several families we all feel blessed with happiness, health and typically good times. The kids enjoyed games and imagination while the adults held lovely conversation. Something about the warmth of friends makes life extra good.

We are tucked in for the night and will look out our windows when the clock strikes midnight. The view of fireworks over Miss Liberty are always a sight to see. It is a mix of rain, snow and sleet tonight but he colors will be bright and lovely. We were fortunate to go to the pretaping of Rihanna and Jay-Z last week so it will be fun to check it out on tv.

Enjoy 2010. Take care of people.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


photo-kb photography

1000 crazy people...check!
Blizzard conditions...check!
Standing outside for three hours...check!
Rockefeller Center Plaza....check!
Mini concert by Rihanna...check
Special appearance by Jay-Z...oh yes!

Last night was one for the books. We scored tickets to a pre-taping of Rihanna for the New Year's Eve Special. The location was the plaza at Rock Center. What they hadn't planned on was white out conditions with a blizzard. It made it even better and memorable in my eyes. Yes, it was freezing. Yes, there were moments I couldn't feel my toes or fingers. But when Rihanna started and Jay-Z appeared life was good, really good. It was awesome. Sometimes there just aren't words. Pounding snow and all I will never forget the moment when one of the most incredible hip hop artist ever walked on stage. Something about New York in a blizzard is magical.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Serving NYC since 1933.

The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers by the fantastic Radio City Rockettes is a grand tradition for the city of New York. This particular number is in it's 77th year of dazzling people from not only NYC but around the world. Thursday we took our annual (although late, we typically we hit it up before Thanksgiving) journey to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. She was looking as lovely and pretty as ever. Each year there is something slightly different but there is always the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. Why mess with perfection? We love every moment of it but the Wooden Soldiers is the number we most look forward to. The Christmas Spectacular has a touring group but honestly to see the amazing Rockettes in their homebase is something to put on your list. The plush seats, the Art Deco decor, the Wurlitzer organs, Santa and the Rockettes all mixed together is the only way to ring in the Season.

Merry Christmas.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

NYC Thanksgiving

What a day! Our morning outing took us to 41st and 6th Avenue to catch some of the wonderful Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. A new route provided us with a different viewing spot that was even better. Mingling amongst three million other parade lovers is the only way we can imagine kicking off Thanksgiving Day.

Our favorite balloon this year was Buzz Lightyear. Maybe it was the new backdrop of 6th Avenue that made him look better than ever.

Our favorite float...Santa, always Santa. For the first time in 40 years Santa had a new sleigh. Even in a recession I think a man as lovable as Santa deserves an upgraded ride.

Thanksgiving meal took us to our annual lunch gathering at Ulysses. Doesn't get any better. Great food, great setting and the best company in the world. The party of 19 included some of NYC's coolest kids. After gobbling down their lunch they adjorned to Stone Street for their traditional game of tag. Our table had Germany, Colombia, Italy, Texas, Michigan and Illinois represented. Life is good and we are thankful.

The streets are paved with diamonds and there is just so much to see. But the best thing about New York City is you and me...Cub

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Many Thanks

Is it really already Thanksgiving again? A schedule change this year has us attending Radio City in December versus our usual visit which would have been today. November is flying by. Every weekend has been filled with birthday parties of some of our favorite kids in this town.

This month also provided the opportunity to be a studio audience member at Dr Oz as well as Martha Stewart. It was quite interesting since as luck would have it we attended the tapings on consecutive days. Martha wins for an easier experience. Very smooth process and she does a live tape so the hour flies by. Dr. Oz tapes at 30 Rock so the logistics are entirely different and there are re-takes. Either way both shows were a blast and in wonderful company. At Dr. Oz we did score front row seats on the center rotating platform. Completely fun and we had many laughs that day just taking it all in.

Tomorrow we will journey to Midtown to check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is an insane crazy experience with the massive crowds but we keep going back for more! Maybe we are just that crazy. Our traditional outing to Ulysses will provide the eats and backdrop for lunch with friends from across the planet. Every year it just keeps getting better and better.

We are lucky. Very lucky. Have a great Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


After a very brief Summer, the season of Fall has arrived. Fall provides lovely orange hues in the boxes of pumpkins outside the bodegas in every neighborhood. Fall also ushers in many restaurants switching over their menus. Take for example the cozy Las Ramblas tapas bar on W. 4th. A baked pumpkin stuffed with manchego, shrimp and spices. Las Ramblas is a sliver of a restaurant in the Village. Their eats are authentic and make one daydream of eating tapas on the Ramblas in Barcelona....another one of the most magnificent cities in the world.

Hello Fall!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

eight years

and it often feels like yesterday.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sugar fun=LES

Everybody ought to have a lower East Side in their life. Irving Berlin

A spontaneous outing with our neighbors took us to the Lower East Side. A quick journey on the M9 deposited us in the thick of things. Just after a few blocks we spotted a Mexican restaurant "El Sombrero"...that apparently lived its former life as The Hat Diner. While the meals weren't exactly what we had been hoping for it was pleasurably. A short walk down the street led us to Creperie at 135 Lulow. While the place is merely a step up from just a counter the offerings were delicious. After downing two crepes between the four of us we headed on.

Just around the corner is the mecca known as Economy Candy. The Browns had never been here before and it had been a while for us. This store is a sugarfest exploded. While not fancy like some uptown candy stores, Economy will bring back memories of your childhood. After loading up on cherry sours, Bit o' Honey and a candy necklace for the youngest we left before we went into a sugar coma just looking at the items.

What is the best place to go after going having crepes and buying candy? A bakery of course! Having enjoyed the treats from Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the past we decided to stop in to pick up some items for later. While these are not my favorite cupcakes in the city overall any cupcake is a good cupcake in my book. Rumor has it their banana pudding is quite tasty.

To override all the sugar we had visited the Browns stopped in the famous Katz deli to pick up some pastrami for the meal the next day. If pastrami is what you are looking for this is the best game in town. Katz has been serving up this yummy meat since 1888. We opted to hang out front and enjoy the street theater taking place while the Browns got their goods inside. The corner of Houston and Ludlow is a quite intriguing corner to stand and watch the world go by.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

Ahh, the 4th of July.

Not a day is more a celebration of America. As good as life is to us we are blessed by overlooking Miss Liberty everyday. A day never passes without being thankful for this glorious picture. She is a a true vision. Tonight we celebrated the most American of holidays with some of our very favorite neighbors. The sounds of our homegrown TriBattery Pops offered us great tunes led by the one and only Tom Goodkind.

With the fireworks lighting the sky over the Statue we are always reminded what a great country we live in.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Lower Manhattan is home to one of the largest Swedish Midsummer Festivals in the world. Usually somewhere around 5,000 people gather in the picturesque Wagner Park to partake in flower wreath making, the raising and dancing around the maypole, singing, and an abundance of Swedish eats. As one of the most major holidays in Sweden the entire park is filled with ex-pats, local neighborhood regulars and people from throughout NYC.

Summer here in New York has not been pleasant weather wise. Too much rain, too many clouds, too chilly. The temperature was absolutely perfect for this colorful celebration. The entertainment was joyful, the flower wreaths were beautiful and the company was extraordinary as always. In my book Wagner Park is one of the most spectacular public spaces in the world so it is hard to go wrong attending any event there. Fiddlers filled the air and Swedish smiles were plentiful.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunshine in the rain

Friday's weather felt more like a rainy chilly Fall day. It rained all day long. Nothing could stop our party of seven from a jaunt to the Village. A krewe had gathered to celebrate the recent achievement of a Columbia grad.

Pesce Pasta Trattoria at Bleecker and Cornelia proved why it gets great reviews. The setting was dark and cozy yet not too quiet. While the menu is not extensive it is spot on with a little something for everyone. The food was great and the company proved to be fantastic. Make sure and check out the line up of antipasta displayed in the window. Apres dinner we took a quick walk in the rain to enjoy the delectables at Sweet Revenge.

While the evening was beautiful and happy we were all holding back some sadness as we know the next time we gather will be to bid bon voyage to our friend as she and her lovely family start a new journey in South Africa. NYC is often a transient community. This summer it seems to be hitting hard as we will watch five families take on a new challenge in different cities and countries. It is my wish that all these friends take a bit of New York with them. And when they return whether it be for a visit or to reside that they feel as if they are coming home.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


A botched forecast actually led us to spectacular weather. We are still looking forward to a string of Spring days.

Some images from a Friday evening filled with wanderings, new sights, and constant reminders of why this is our home.

Lillie's-a wonderful new pub on 17th Street.

Stuyvesant Square, serving NYC since 1850.

Bar Carrera, 175 2nd Avenue. Beautiful, dark, perfect. Try it.

Arch at Washington Square Park. This park offers a bit of everything imaginable.

Here's to Spring...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Street Fest

Each year NYC provides the backdrop for an assortment of street festivals. While each festival is for a different occasion or organization and often seem all but the same there is one stand out. The Family Festival Street Fair hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival is the creme de la creme. Greenwich Street in Tribeca is the setting and the day always offers a few surprises. Close to 200, 000 people jam the street to take in the offerings. This year did not disappoint. Shrek, the Broadway musical got the freak flags flying. An appearance by the newly updated "Electric Company" reminded us times have changed since we last watched the shows. The vendors are great and offer amazing activities for the kids. Mr Met even put in an appearance although it was hard to get some hardcore Yankee fan kids to even acknowledge him. Best of all was the chance to go to the screening of Winter's Tail. Held in a private screening room tucked above Bobby D's Tribeca Grill the short version held the children entranced.

Scenes from the Family Festival Street Fair...

The most important event was a bone marrow donor drive. Neighbors flocked to this event. No one was too important for this drive...super models, award winning actors and even the FDNY. This event was held in honor of one of Lower Manhattan's favorite kids. Check out Maybe it is time you register?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And how was your Easter?

Easter was windy yet lovely on the streets of Manhattan. As always the day took us to wander through the crowds on Fifth Avenue. Gotham City did not disappoint at the Easter Parade. The hats and the attire were of brilliant hues as if begging Spring to make an appearance. Some of the our favorites were there...the Metrocard hat builders, the Rainbow Man and his Rainbow poodle, a beloved facepainter. Some new favorites appeared.

How is this for your Sunday best?

A bunny version of NYC's most recent miracle...

The Easter/Passover break brought several visitors to New York. It was an eating extravaganza. Some of the cuisines included French at Jacques, Ukrainian at East Village Ukrainian Restaurant, Chinese at Wu Liang Ye, Peruvian at Mancora, incredible pasta at Tanti Baci, Korean at Seh Ja Meh, and with the best waterview in Manhattan at Gigino. A world of foods that were all perfect. New York loves food! One hysterical fun night at Marie's Crisis made great by some visitors from the other coast. They loved every moment of that tiny little basement bar.

Our holiday was bliss. Hope yours was the same.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Down with it.

That is not snow or blur. It is the tiny feathers from the thousands of pillows!

Today marked International Pillow Fight Day. Who knew? Cities across the planet participate in this display of good old fashioned fun. The NYC event took place on Wall Street at Broad. Right in the shadows of the New York Stock Exchange and the super large statue of George Washington standing proudly on the steps of Federal Hall. Thousands of participants showed up to join in the festivities. The start time of 3 pm led to a sight not often seen on Wall Street. Wall Street has an extensive history but "major pillowfight" not being one of them until today.

Police barricades blocked off the area so latecomers joined in by having mini outbreaks of the mayhem on various surrounding blocks.

Even though the weather was windy and cold the spirit was bright and sunny. Spring has to be around the corner...maybe. This winter has been brutal.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Saturday afternoon the uptown M22 had a rough day.

Mental not park illegally.
Mental note #2...if you do park illegally a Smart Car might be a good idea.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Easy

A quick getaway from the February winter led us to New Orleans. Stepping into New Orleans is a testament to a great American city.

The food, the music, the people, the heritage are all unforgettable. We stayed on Bourbon, explored the Garden District and listened to some serious tunes in the Faubourg Marigny/Bywater neighborhood. In one word, it was perfect. Not our first trip to New Orleans and certainly will not be our last. It is a city worth your time.


Friday, February 6, 2009

"Dear almost Swiss looking Jesus"....

Ahh, the words of the one and only Will Ferrell. I heart Will. It has been high, high, high on my list in life to see Will Ferrell and his brilliance.

As luck would have it "You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush" made its way this week on the Great White Way. In his Broadway debut Ferrell brought down the house. The show is silly classic Ferrell humor but completely enjoyable. Ferrell has perfected his Bush impersonations through his years on SNL. There were so many moments in the show that all one could do was bust out laughing.

We were a group of four Texans now transplanted in NYC. Perhaps we found the humor even deeper since we have been surrounded by Bush for what seems like a lifetime. The show had the highest presale of tickets of any this winter. Now it is next to impossible to score a seat except through a broker. Thankfully our friend and neighbor KB was on top of his game and we lucked out.

For 90 minutes Ferrell takes the audience through Dubya's life. From the opening voiceover of Dick Cheney telling us what we could do with ourselves to the final scene of Ferrell popping open a cold one, I laughed the entire time.

At the end of the show Ferrell encourages the audience to ask questions while answering in the role of George W. One audience member asked, "Was the presidency hard?" Ferrell answered, "Well, being president was kind of like driving a car. The first time you are really scared and then you never think about it again." nuff said!

If you don't live in NYC make sure to mark for calendar your March 14. HBO will be doing a live telecast of the show! Check out details here.

There is so much to say about this show but I will leave you with one final thought....Diego Luna.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Coming Friday, February 6th!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet Life

Twill make old women young and fresh,
Create new motions of the flesh.
And cause them long for you know what,
If they but taste of chocolate.
~James Wadworth

Cupcakes have always been a favorite in NYC. Perfect size and edible without utensils. That being said I love cupcakes. I am willing to say of bakery cupcakes I would nominate Tonnie's as my favorite. cupcake experience has been taken to a new level. A Village find of Sweet Revenge. Nestled on the corner of Carmine and Bedford the scene is warm and inviting. A motley crew of nine moms celebrating the Aquarians in the crowd gathered to check it out. Marlo, the owner, has a pleasing personality and was holding down the fort solo for much of the night. Did I mention it was packed? We started with wine, champagne and some lighter weight beverages. Delightful cheese plates and savory cakes soon followed. To cap off the night we had to indulge in cupcakes. In order to experience all the goods we asked for a flight of cupcakes. Crimson and Creme, Carrot, Pure Vanilla, Dirty (chocolate) were hard to rank because they were all amazing. There is still an assortment of flavors to check out. Definitely will be back.

If your post dinner plans find you on Carmine check it out. Or better yet, start at Sweet Revenge. Dessert is often meant to be eaten first...right?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Manhattan weekend

Weekends always fill up with events no matter where one lives. Such is part of life. This weekend was no different.

Events ranged from dinner with live jazz in the heart of the Village, watching the loading of the airplane flt 1549 onto a barge in our very own backyard, a evening concert listening to the sounds of a 1720 Stradivarius, quickly followed by the Blue Danube encouraging a large majority of the audience up and out of their seats to waltz in the Winter Garden, a baby shower honoring one of our neighborhood's favorite people, and to top things off snow tubing down mountains in New Jersey.

Quite the range but just another Manhattan weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is New York...

and we believe in miracles.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reading is Fun.

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. ~Woody Allen

Celebrity Autobiography is an incredible show that had me doubling over. The show takes a rotating casts of famous people reading other celebrities autobiographies. Imagine SNL cast member Kristen Wiig reading from the love poetry of Suzanne Somers. The show's developer Eugene Pack was spot on with the words of George Takei...really, who knew Sulu had a book of memoirs? The evening's entire cast was brillant. We got to experience Will Forte, Richard Kind, Scott Adsit, Eugene Pack, Dayle Reyfel, Sherri Shepherd and Kristen Wiig

The Triad on 72nd Street is the setting. Small, intimate and perfect for an evening of laughter.