Saturday, June 16, 2012

may-june 12

The months of May and June have been filled with much adventure.  Of course many of these adventures spontaneously happened on various Manhattan strolls.

A Saturday afternoon in Union Square led us to this sight.  Andy Warhol looking out over the people while a protesting devil danced the Can-Can.

The same Saturday we spotted Pilgrims at Madison Square Park.

A planned outing to us to the fabulous SpiegelWorld tent with the presentation of Empire.  Raw, talent, bawdry, breathtaking.  

After SpiegelWorld we took a Friday night walk through Times Square.  Sometimes as residents we avoid it like the plague.  Other times as residents we stand there. Take it all in and realize this is home.

Fleet Week came sailing/flying into this little city the end of May.  The ships are always a pleasure to see floating up the Hudson. The military flyovers showing off America's finest aircraft rattle my bones in the best way possible.  Below was an early morning run by some of our military. 

The end of April the Space Shuttle Enterprise was flown in NYC piggyback on a 747.  It was quite the journey to watch as she took some loops around the island and paid respects to some of our greatest landmarks.  After being prepped the Enterprise came back up the Hudson. This time on a barge.  She will now enjoy her new home on the Intrepid.

Summer starts next week!  Plans are plenty but so are days to just relax and enjoy what surrounds us. Hope you do the same.